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Feb 7, 2013 12:00pm CST
health. new trubiotics. from the makers of one-a-day. whitehouse tells us that the first lady michelle obama will travel to chicago to attend the funeral services for the 15 year-old who shot in the back last week while at a part. the reward to find her killer has reached $40,000. her funeral is scheduled for saturday. prosecutors are seeking a 20 year sentence for the former controller. pleaded guilty last december to wire fraud. the largest theft of government funds in illinois history. she used the money to pay for a lavish lifestyle. her attorney says that 20 years would essentially be a death sentence for a 60 year-old. she is sentenced to be scheduled next week. the aviation committee approved a proposal to build. hundred $20 for an overnight stay. the plan also calls for putting up three spots. the deal is expected to bring into million dollars a year. 80 years and still going strong. 80-years and still going strong. a connecticut couple now holds the record for the longest marriage in the u-s. a union going 80-years strong making a connecticut husband and wife the longest ma
Feb 8, 2013 12:00pm CST
by a wake and funeral tomorrow. first lady michelle obama will attend the funeral. she'll be joined by white house adviser valerie jarrett, and education secretary arne duncan... who once headed the chicago public schools. pendleton was shot at a park last week, a mile from the obamas' home in kenwood. a lyric opera performer, burned in the face during a rehearsal is out of the hospital. and here's how wesley daniel looks now. the accident happened monday while daniel practiced a fire- breathing stunt. wesley's father told reporters his son is still speaking in a "whispery croak" and mostly communicating with hand gestures. it'll be another week or so before he gets his voice back. another a-t-m scam at northern trust bank- this time in the northern suburbs. police in lake forest are working with northern trust on this most recent a-t-m fraud case. authorities found a skimming device attached to an a-t-m in the lobby of the bank's branch on east deerpath. this comes just one day after police found skimming devices on two a-t-m's in west suburban hisndale. in all cases, stolen acco
Feb 11, 2013 12:00pm CST
. prosecutors have not filed charges. first lady michelle obama was among the hundreds of people who attended the funeral service. last month she performed with their school day and during the inauguration. about a week later she took final exams and went to the park. a man jumped the fence. arrested early sunday. if they canvassed the area and tracked down witnesses. murder victims have served as the inspiration for this proposed legislation. they want to increase the penalty for felons, with a gun from two years to three. convicted of a gun crime. mia of a sentencing provision in stiff penalties. if we're going to prevent criminals from getting access to guns we need to make sure that we're >> once the crime is committed not allowing those individuals bac on the streets to become victims or perpetrators. i've seen what impact the kenaf. until such time there are things that we can do to reduce violence. the superintendent also says that when mia city press similar legislation the murder rate dropped. she has become a national symbol and face for gun victims across this country. familie
Feb 13, 2013 12:00pm CST
at the heart strings of most americans who were watching. >> michele obama was choked up. they stopped short of criticizing the presentpresident. an assault weapon did not kill her. that is the heart of the debate. there were several members of congress that brought victims of gun violence or survivors there last night. this is not an issue about assault weapons. that is not the issue. it is not about assault weapons. proposed >> those are being put forth. their chicago critic to live in these neighborhoods is a those proposals will not help them. those are coming from the reaction in newtown and aurora. >>hadiy changea is the face of that debat a little bit. changea is the face of that debate a little bit. >> if there is one overarching theme is that the president was selling the idea that the government can improve the life of everyday americans. >> >> first half of the speech was sort of a traditional state of the union. along a list. tell will say that mark or rubio and his comments he sort of prisons that there would be a partisanship and they attack on the republicans. the presi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4